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Head of Technology

Level: Strategic Management Level
Type: Permanent
Start Date: Immediately
Pay Range: Negotiable – Depending on skills, qualifications and experience

We are actively seeking an individual to fulfil our Head of Technology role across our ecosystem of simulation, reinforcement learning and mathematical optimisation products. You will lead our support services team in the delivery of officially certified training programmes, structured and ad-hoc mentoring and modelling activities, in each of these respective technical areas for our clients.  

This is a diverse role that requires a lot of independence, so previous experience in the design, development and deployment of simulation, machine learning and artificial intelligence models is essential. You must be motivated by providing support services around our technology stack of AnyLogic, anyLogistix, Microsoft Bonsai and Gurobi, with a good insight into Agile frameworks for project management. 

You will report directly to the Managing Director, and Company Founder and work closely with both support services team, to ensure the smooth running of internal initiatives such as: Advising on Product Roadmaps for our existing products, the development of advanced training materials as a service and staying on top of emerging trends in our technical domain. 

Additionally, you will also work with the business development team to lead in the development of technical materials and models that support sales and marketing activities, and collaborate in client-facing activities such as demonstration of product-specific functionalities, support in answering product customer and service client business requirements, and the delivery of training and mentoring to clients 


This position requires a self-driven initiative taker with the ability to manage internal and client deadlines. We need someone with a proactive attitude to take ownership of technical team activities and initiatives, who has an awareness of the technology stack and can use their experience and ‘on-the-job’ learning time to identify gaps in the stack when addressing client problems, and advise the technical team on how these could be filled. 

Amongst the above role responsibilities, you will also lead our technical team in the development of advanced training materials and the delivery of extant training. As well as mentoring, and modelling support services. Details for these are provided below: 


Leadership in the delivery of official AnyLogic training per quarter 

AnyLogic foundational training – delivered virtually over 5 half-days

anyLogistix foundational training – delivered virtually over 3 full days

Development of advanced AnyLogic training materials  

Workshops for custom experiments, UI/cloud functionality and DRL integration etc. 

Delivery of advanced training and extant material upon certification by The AnyLogic Company Including: 

Automated testing 

Model IO and data granularity 

Simulation ‘better practices’ 


Providing an ‘on-demand’ mixture of semi-structured and ad-hoc mentoring for our support service clients 

  • Semi-structured with support from the managing director 
  • AnyLogic (model design and build) 
  • AnyLogic cloud functionality (APIs and connectivity) 
  • Anylogistix (CoG, NO, TO and Simulation extensions) 
  • Ad-hoc on-demand delivery based on your extensive knowledge of products and domain 


The development of small-scale ‘product functionality driven’ simulation models. Deliveries on AnyLogic cloud to support the business development team in a product sale of a small-scale model based on the end-user requirements. 


Background in simulation, specifically knowledge and implementation of:

  • Agent-Based models
  • Discrete-Event models
  • Systems-Dynamics models

Java and other object-oriented programming skills

Preferred background in wider scientific and mathematical modelling disciplines

About Us

Our office is in Unit 10.8, Lazarus Court Woodgate, Rothley, Leicester, Leicestershire LE7 7NR.

However, we predominantly support remote and hybrid working operationally, with visits to the business park being optional and as needed.


Simulation modelling is one of the best ways to understand complex ‘real world’ systems, using your data to make predictions on how to improve performance. SimulAi is the sole provider of AnyLogic simulation software in the UK and Italy as well as complimentary AI-based tools like Microsoft Bonsai, Gurobi and H2O. We deliver licences, personalised demos, and training with ongoing support, alongside working on your projects with your team. SimulAi helps you as a business manager tackle the real-life situations that you face today. We’ll walk you through how to build and enhance your model to help you make better decisions for the future of your organisation. If you’re looking for someone to build you a digital twin, then our sister company, DecisionLab, is best positioned to work alongside us, in providing you with this service. 


This is a full-time role for 40 hours a week, with starting time of 9 am and a finish time of 6 pm across the full working week.

Please note you must have the right to work and live full-time in the UK when applying for this position.

Simul.Ai is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our Business Development and Support Service workforces. Our aim is that our team will be representative of all sections of society and each employee feels respected and able to give their best.

We’ve created a culture of encouragement and support to enable our employees to focus on what they truly want to achieve for successful career development. Our work-life policies and flexible working practices make our employees feel more in control of their personal and working life.

As part of our recruitment process, the Company collects and processes personal information, or personal data, relating to job applicants. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information and to meeting our data protection obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the Data Protection Act 2018.   By applying for a position with SimulAi you are giving your consent for us to do so.

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