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AnyLogic Official Foundational Training

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AnyLogic Foundational Course

We provide our customers and clients with a range of technology overviews, workshops and official courses in AnyLogic and AnyLogistix

The official AnyLogic Foundational Training course is run four times a year and is one of the only officially certified foundational training in simulation and modelling technologies. It is delivered globally in English and is taught virtually for 5 days lasting 4 hours each day.

As a bonus for attending our foundational courses, we also support our attendees by providing a 1 hour free mentoring session. This can be dedicated to the technical area you wish to begin developing models in. It is run on-demand at your convenience but must be claimed within 3 months from the training.

For the course, it is recommended that you use a laptop computer the can run simulations, for details please see our system requirements in Frequently Asked Questions and we highly recommend bringing a mouse. Please also note that a second monitor is very useful so that you can view the electronic notes alongside the online session and the AnyLogic window.


Higher-level technology overview of Anylogic and simulation.

Providing a broad overview of a singular topic focusing on the understanding of concepts, technical architecture and capabilities, and best-practices.

We are currently developing workshops focused on specific AnyLogic related topics.
Previously delivered workshops include:

  • model input and output data and handling
  • model testing and testability
  • configuration management and traceability of simulation models

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