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Training & Events

AnyLogic Official Foundational Training

November 21 – 24

AnyLogic Official Foundational Training

AnyLogic Foundational Course

The course will be delivered in English. To allow for work schedules, it will be taught in 4 half-day blocks (4 hour each).

At the course, it is recommended to use a laptop computer that can run AnyLogic (system requirements) and a mouse. A second monitor is very useful so you can view the electronic notes alongside the online session or your AnyLogic window.

Part 1

  • Introduction to multimethod simulation modelling
  • Getting familiar with the AnyLogic model development environment
  • Discrete Event modelling intro and practice

Part 2

  • System Dynamics modelling intro and practice
  • Simulation models and cloud computing
  • Road Traffic Library intro and practice, including optimisation

Part 3

  • More detailed simulation model development
  • Pedestrian Library intro and practice
  • Material Handling Library intro and practice

Part 4

  • Agent Based modelling intro and practice
  • Multi-method modelling practice
  • Roundtable and discussions

No knowledge of Java programming is required but it may help with understanding more advanced concepts.

anyLogistix Official Foundational Training

December 12 – 15

anyLogistix Official Foundational Training

anyLogistix Foundational Course

Supply chain design, analysis, and optimization course

A practical and commercially oriented course for supply chain professionals. Attendees learn the powerful no-code supply chain software anyLogistix. Through a series of hands-on tasks, the course teaches skills for better supply chain analysis, understanding, and design.

This course is delivered 100% online and taught in four half-day (4-hour) blocks that run 09.30 am – 13:30 pm BST (UTC+1).

Attendees completing the course receive an official anyLogistix certificate.


  • Introduction to anyLogistix
  • ALX development environment
  • Facilities location with Greenfield analysis (GFA)
  • Supply chain design
  • Master planning
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Inventory optimization
  • Extensions and inside 4 walls logic
  • Questions & Answers

anyLogistix is a user-friendly supply chain tool that allows dynamic analysis and provides easily understandable graphical results. Learn more about how world-leading organisations are using anyLogistix for tasks such as dynamic what-if scenario testing, risk mitigation, optimization and more — anyLogistix


Higher-level technology overview of Anylogic and simulation.

Providing a broad overview to develop the understanding of simulation modelling concepts, technical architectures and capabilities, and best practices.

We also run workshops focused on specific AnyLogic-related topics, allowing a technical deep-dive and the building of specialist simulation modelling knowledge.

Previously delivered workshops include:

  • model input and output data and handling
  • model testing and testability
  • configuration management and traceability of simulation models