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AnyLogic Official Foundational Training

AnyLogic Official Foundational Training

AnyLogic Foundational Course

Providing our customers and clients with a range of technology overviews, workshops and official courses in AnyLogic and anyLogistix.

The official AnyLogic Foundational Training course is run four times a year and is one of the only officially certified foundational training courses in simulation and modelling technologies. It is delivered globally online in English over five days, each day consisting of 4 hours of tutorial time.

For the course, trainees need a suitable computer (system requirements). SimulAi also recommends a mouse and a second monitor — so that the electronic notes can be viewed alongside the online session and the AnyLogic window.


Higher-level technology overview of Anylogic and simulation.

Providing a broad overview to develop the understanding of simulation modelling concepts, technical architectures and capabilities, and best practices.

We also run workshops focused on specific AnyLogic-related topics, allowing a technical deep-dive and the building of specialist simulation modelling knowledge.

Previously delivered workshops include:

  • model input and output data and handling
  • model testing and testability
  • configuration management and traceability of simulation models
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