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Products and Service Updates

Updates to products and services provided by SimulAi, including AnyLogic, AnyLogistix, training and mentoring

anyLogistix 2.15.3

Updates and bug fixes

A minor service update without major new features. Notable changes include:

  • Validation now checks if a shipment has identical source and destination
  • The GIS cache now initialises in the background at launch
  • More detailed log messages (product quantities added) when a scheduled shipment cannot be sent
  • New menu for ALX community that takes you to a new anyLogistix Reddit

New example models and tutorials

  • NO Reverse Logistics example model that shows how to optimise a network with a backwards product flow, such as return of packaging for recycling
  • Transportation Cost Calculator advanced tutorial showing how to customise default cost calculators in ALX Studio using the AnyLogic Extension Editor and Java code
  • New look for the Transportation Cost Calculator extension template

Read more about anyLogistix 2.15.3 updates and improvements in the release notes.

AnyLogic 8.7.12

Reversible conveyors

The conveyor network was one of the first Material Handling Library elements. In the new version, we’ve improved it – added an option which changes the conveyor’s direction during model runtime.

Now it’s easier to upgrade conveyor networks with reversible conveyors that lead to workstations along the main conveyor. The feature also helps create conveyor buffers.

To make a conveyor reversible, check the option Reversible in the properties of the Conveyor markup element. By calling setDirection() or changeDirection() functions you can make the conveyor reverse its direction at any time during the model run.

If there are agents on the conveyor when you reverse it, they will leave their Convey block through the outRedirect port. You can reroute or delete those from the model using a flowchart.

Modern built-in Help

Starting from version 8.7.12, renewed Help becomes available from within AnyLogic software.

This AnyLogic release comes with useful Help updates. Now all videos are embedded into the web pages, so there’s no need for you to go to other websites to watch them.

Also, most Help articles contain links to related example models in AnyLogic Cloud. This will be especially helpful to the new AnyLogic users. Follow the links to open the models and see how a particular feature works, without opening AnyLogic!

Read more about AnyLogic 8.7.12 updates and improvements in the release notes.

AnyLogistix 3.0 - Preview

anyLogistix 3.0 will move to the new tech stack and is set to transform the feel and look of supply chain analysis. Interface changes and updated design will improve user experience and help you work more quickly and intuitively.

A few other improvements:

1. Native client-server support

With the new client-server architecture, you could install anyLogistix on a local server or a server in a private cloud and work with your colleagues on large-scale scenarios.

2. Easier model sharing

The private cloud option will also streamline sharing your work with stakeholders and colleagues. For example, several analysts could work on the same project together and remotely, sharing its results.

3. Running anyLogistix from a browser

As anyLogistix supports local server/private cloud server installation, you could launch it in Chrome without downloading additional software to your computer. With the calculations done on a server, you don’t have to worry if your laptop is powerful enough.

4. Cross-platform access

Server installation offers a new cross-platform opportunity – launching anyLogistix 3 on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you prefer offline desktop access to your projects, no worries here as well. This option, currently available in anyLogistix 2, will remain in the new version as well.

AnyLogistix 2.15.2

This update includes some minor enhancements and a large number of bug fixes and quality improvements.

These improvements have been focusing on the quality and stability of the tool to improve user experience and minimize issues.

Overall, more than 50 fixes have been added to the version.

The release also includes a couple of new example models answering popular questions that users ask our Support team and illustrating some modelling tricks.

If you have anyLogistix installed, you will soon be prompted from within the application to update. New users can download ALX 2.15.2 from the website.

For more information on anyLogistix visit this page.

AnyLogic Cloud 2.2.9

The Log4j library in all Cloud editions has been updated to 2.16.0. All Cloud editions are now secured from the log4shell attack.

The API documentation link in Public Cloud now leads to the new help website.

Improved protection against the Cross-Site Request Forgery attack.

LDAP support for Private Cloud Pro and Enterprise editions: configure Cloud to authenticate users from LDAP or Active Directory.

Internationalisation: made it easier to add new language packs for the UI.

AnyLogistix 2.15

Host scenarios in an external database on your secure server and import/export scenarios from and to it.

  • Supported database engines are SQLite, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

Feasibility check-in Custom Constraints for scenarios with contradicting constraints

Enabling and disabling expanding flows and storage by period.

Piecewise linear function is now supported in Custom Constraints.

All scenarios and their descriptions were updated, as well as two new examples were added:

  • Sim What-if Scenario Comparison
  • No DC Minimum Storage Amount (with Indicator Constraints)

Improved messages for import/export warnings and errors to simplify error tracing.

Running experiments from the command line.

Manual proxy settings for ALX, for flexible security settings inside company networks.

AnyLogic 8.7.8

Model Export – You can now use file out output when exporting your model to AnyLogic Cloud.

Updated Structure and localisation for activation wizard windows.

Various bug fixes in industry libraries.

AnyLogic Cloud

AnyLogic Cloud single-run experiments can now produce files as outputs.

Added an option to disable Guest access to Private Cloud instances.

Model version upload date is replaced with friendly text like “2 days ago”.

JavaScript API now supports Monte-Carlo 1st order experiments.

Model versions now have editable names.

Model developers can now copy model versions.

Integration with AnyLogic 9 (technology preview) – For Public Cloud subscribers only.

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