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Simulation Optimisation engine for the AnyLogic product ecosystem.

Shift from a ‘what if’ to a ‘what’s best’ approach
Delivers best possible answers faster
Adjusts and analyses input value and identifies the best possible outcomes
Built-in algorithms and analysis techniques

OptQuest is the Simulation Optimisation engine for AnyLogic.

Through the use of metaheuristic optimisation, evolutionary algorithms, Tabu search and Scatter search it helps shift from what if to a what’s best approach to deliver the best answers faster. Through built-in algorithms and analysis techniques it adjusts and analyses input value to identify the best possible outcomes.

OptQuest handles competing objectives by balancing and analysising them to identify the associated trade-offs.

By automating the entire simulation, optimisation and analysis process it selects the best input values and determines the best possible outcomes.


OptQuest integrates directly with AnyLogic simulation models and enables management executives, analysts, and engineers to gain deeper insights into their complex systems.

Improves decision making
Ease of integration
More complex the model the greater the savings

Protects from losing crucial knowledge
20+ years hardened software used by commercial and government/military sectors
23 partners (AnyLogic included)

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