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anyLogistix supply chain digital twin helps management by providing a control tower view.

The optimisation and simulation capabilities of anyLogistix enable you to create plans with network optimization and use simulation modelling to test and develop them. Optimization and simulation combine to extend your supply chain analytics.

With anyLogistix you can ensure your supply chain is lean, agile, and robust.

Create a digital twin of your supply chain in anyLogistix to get powerful insights, answer what-ifs, and develop your supply chain planning.

Design and optimise networks within anyLogistix. Perform analysis for all tiers of a network to determine the best configuration. Plan by period to optimise where and how much is needed to be produced, stored and shipped.

anyLogistix can be integrated with existing ERP, MRP and WMS to create a supply chain digital twin. It automatically gathers data about the supply chain and configures objects, processes and entities. Develop and test action plans based on real-time data.

Run what-if scenarios and include randomness to stress-test the supply chain in emergency situations.
Through what-if scenario dynamic simulations analyse time dependent factors, random events, actual system behaviour and dynamic interactions between elements. This addresses problems that can not be solved with analytical optimisation and shows how metrics change over time through considering complex logic in network level policies.
Through simulation, the dynamics of the network operations and risks can be taken into consideration, and allows to make more precise forecasts and increases resilience.

Simulate disruptive events to see how it would affect a supply chain.

Custom experiments can be designed to meet specialised needs to be used alongside personal optimisation engines and algorithms or used in custom experiment workflows. Pre-designed experiments, such as Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Variation, allow for exploration of models from different angles and how change affects model behaviour. Simulation optimisation allows for better solutions to be found for challenges based on constraints and requirements.

anyLogistix allows supply chain managers, supply chain consultants, operations directors, and operations managers to gain deeper insights into their complex systems.

With unlimited model customisation:

Any component of an anyLogistix dynamic simulation model can be customised with AnyLogic Professional

Components of an anyLogistix dynamic simulation model can be customised through AnyLogic Professional including Tables and objects within a supply chain network.

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