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Analyse and innovate your supply chain with anyLogistix supply chain software

Solve a specific challenge, such as Green Field Analysis or Network Optimisation, or build complete supply chain visibility with a supply chain digital twin.

anyLogistix is supply chain analytics software for designing, optimising, and analysing supply chains. It is a no-code solution that combines powerful analytical optimisation with leading simulation technologies to give a comprehensive and uniquely powerful set of tools for end-to-end supply chain analytics.

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Companies are using anyLogistix for a range of supply chain activities:

  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Transportation Planning and Optimisation
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Warehouse Analysis
  • AGV Integration and Robotics Planning
  • Cost to Serve
  • Optimal Fleet Planning
  • Supply Chain Digital Twin
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Capacity Planning

The user-friendly interface lets you conduct advanced supply chain experiments and analysis without the need to learn code. Quicker and more advanced than Excel solutions, and with unique capabilities, such as simulation-based supply chain experiments, anyLogistix is a powerful alternative to traditional supply chain design, analysis, and optimisation approaches.

anyLogistix gives supply chain managers, supply chain consultants, operations directors, and operations managers deeper supply chain insights

If you need to tackle a one-off supply chain challenge, we offer quick support and mentoring options.

For developing in-house supply chain analysis and optimisation capabilities, we can tailor an installation to your needs and provide certified training.

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