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AnyLogic is the core of the SimulAi product ecosystem

The leading general-purpose modelling and simulation software is utilised worldwide by over 40% of Fortune 100 companies. It is used in various industries and academia to resolve real-world problems safely and efficiently.

If you already know how AnyLogic simulation software is being applied and are wanting to start using it, try the free Personal Learning Edition.

AnyLogic solves real-world issues using multi-method modelling

AnyLogic uniquely combines the three major simulation modelling paradigms: Agent-Based modelling for individual active components; Discrete Event modelling for process sequences; and System Dynamics modelling for general representations of complex systems. AnyLogic offers true multi-method simulation modelling.

In addition, AnyLogic Cloud technology allows any device to run models. Simulations can be shared publicly for demonstration or collaboration. Try the public AnyLogic Cloud!

AnyLogic includes specialist industry libraries, is endlessly extensible, and features rich APIs

AnyLogic’s libraries help quickly and accurately model industry activities:

Included experiments, such as Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Variation, provide rich insights and show how change affects a system’s behaviour. It is also possible to design custom experiments, use personal optimisation engines and algorithms, and integrate them into workflows. 

Models can be used for predictive analytics for businesses by making them part of an existing data flow, such as integrating with a Customer Relationship Management or Business Intelligence system, even embedded into operational software. Alternatively, models can be exported as a standalone application for delivery to clients and stakeholders.

To learn more about how simulation modelling is empowering businesses, read the whitepaper Multimethod Simulation Modelling for Business Applications.

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Autoclaved aerated concrete factory
Port silo storage model
Solar panel production line model

AnyLogic simulation models give management executives, analysts, and engineers deeper insights into their complex systems

AnyLogic is the only general-purpose multi-method simulation modelling software. Thanks to the powerful ability to combine modelling approaches, AnyLogic can provide unique strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making support. See how rivals compare in this Simulation Software Comparison: Discrete Event Simulation Competitors.

For a demonstration and to have your questions answered, contact our team. For a deeper dive into how companies are already using these powerful simulation software opportunities, take a look at the materials contained in Developing Disruptive Business Strategies with Simulation.

Fulfillment Center Conveyor System simulation model
Distribution Centre simulation model
Solar panel production line simulation model
Grain Terminal simulation model
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Factory simulation model
Container Terminal simulation model

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