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SimulAi and Decision Lab in Strategic Merger

Decsion Lab and SimulAi text logos together joined by an ampersand.

SimulAi has become a division of research and development innovator Decision Lab. Together, SimulAi and Decision Lab will develop and bring to market industry-leading techniques and advanced technologies to make the world a better place.

Celebrating its eleventh year, UK-based Decision Lab is proud of its research and product development in data science and AI. Solutions from the team benefit the world around us in areas as diverse as security, pharmaceuticals, finance, infrastructure, and space.

SimulAi, formerly DSE Consulting, has over 15 years of experience providing complex software solutions and training to world-leading companies and academic organisations. 

Technology for a better world

Decision Lab and SimulAi believe technology can be a force for good. Together, our technical and commercial strengths will complement each other, helping us make people happier and organisations and communities better.

We aim to increase access to our products and their benefits:

  • helping save time and money
  • making processes more efficient and less error-prone
  • improving asset reliability and planning
  • driving sustainability
  • making the world safer

Find out more about Decision Lab’s work and SimulAi’s products.

Evolving solutions

Our product offerings will evolve as the teams integrate. Decision Lab’s simulation, optimisation, and data science expertise combined with SimulAi’s market knowledge will inform design decisions and support product development.

For now, SimulAi will operate as a division of Decision Lab and continue as before. You can keep up to date with what we are doing, our products and events, and industry-related news by following our LinkedIn (SimulAi and Decision Lab) and Twitter (SimulAi and Decision Lab)