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Mentoring for small teams of 1-3 people in the design and development of AnyLogic simulations.

Develop tangible outputs as part of the mentoring and rely on our expertise to cover a range of topics at varying levels of knowledge that can be flexible in its ephasis.

Mentoring engagement may include:

  • General discussion of design ideas and possibilities
  • Discussion and explanation of relevant AnyLogic concepts & techniques
  • Development of proof-of-concept AnyLogic models to illustrate and validate possible approaches
  • Possible changes to an existing model
  • Definition of inter-session client defined tasks

To suggest appropriate time periods we offer a free consultation to explore mentoring aims, business and technical context and mentee backgrounds.

Mentoring is often bough in a block of days and consumed as needed with a minimum of a half day.

Structured Mentoring

A prepared mentoring service building on our base mentoring services, with the form of a syllabus to explore trial and research candidate models.

As this is not as structured as a bespoke training course it retains flexibility to adapt as the mentoring progresses.

Bespoke Training Courses

A fully bespoke training course customised for your modelling aims and existing skills, with full course notes and models.

This is more extensive than other marketing options due to extensive preparation.

This can be refined for future use when onboarding new staff cohorts.

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