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Flight Simulation Model

Flight Scheduling Simulation

This flight simulation model is an agent-based model created as a proof of concept for asset management for a customer.

The primary objective for this model were to see how to schedule flights. Building on this the customer also wanted to see how breakdowns affect flights scheduling and how is best to include maintenance, specifically in assessing how many planes would be needed per airport to allow for maintenance while maintaining regularly scheduled flights. Another objective for this model was to allow the customer to see a breakdown of the cost of buying new planes vs the cost of maintaining existing planes to assess which is the best option moving forward.

The flight simulation model uses data bases and non-live data for the arrival and departure times, it also uses data bases for the fleet sizes per airport. SimulAi created the simulation offline with check ins and updates regularly to the customer, an alternative way for a simulation to be created with SimulAi is for it to be created simultaneously with the customer. SimulAi also restructured the available data bases to reflect the appropriate routing of flights to ensure the correct pathways were taken, for example, going from arrival port to departure port rather than going from departure port to arrival port.


The Flight Scheduling simulation now includes flight scheduling and routing that correctly reflects examples given by the customer and readily available information, including waiting times between flights. Cost breakdown is accurate from the example data that was provided to give an indication where monetary resources are best used. Whilst the asset breakdown was not completed, this could be done in future iterations for cost of parts and spares to enable the customer to better assess the cost of maintenance vs buying new planes. The customer was satisfied with the outcomes of this model as it reflected the objectives that they laid out as being most important.

Flight Scheduling Simulation

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