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Advanced techniques and specialist features

Case Study with Deloitte

Moving past AnyLogic basics, on more technical models, so neither basic training or online help topics give the answers needed.

Where to turn to when stuck?

Get help and support with advanced AnyLogic modelling

Rishub Keelara, the simulation consultant for the Deloitte consultancy in London, is comfortable with using AnyLogic software but at times feels he has no idea what to do next to build greater complexity into his model. He’s in what he describes as an in-between range; moving beyond the AnyLogic skills that can be built quickly and are now faced with the realities of building complex models that need specialist features.

“There’s a big knowledge gap between what you see when you first open up the AnyLogic software, versus the technical model most people are honestly building today,” he says.

But using more simple software isn’t an option. Deloitte moved on from the old system they were using because it lacked a lot of the core functionality they needed to get the best results from their analysis. Only AnyLogic has the capability they’re looking for.

It’s also reassuring having that advanced program, says Rishub. “It’s robust against whatever we throw at it.”

So when he comes unstuck, Rishub books a mentoring session with SimulAi. The UK’s specialist AnyLogic team, we provide the licence, maintenance, and ongoing support for the product.

Rishub starts to learn, face-to-face with our trainer, more about the depths of what AnyLogic can do and all that he can create using the software.

Getting help with a complex computer program is difficult to do over email; in person, it’s way more helpful

There’s only so far that can be gone with going back and forth over email to resolve a complex problem, which is why Rishab reached out to SimulAi for more personal support.

“We were hoping for someone to come over and walk us through how to build up the steps in our model. Just watching someone do it, you pick up a few things, then you understand how to do it too,” he says.

“Also, once you understand a simple technique you’re able to re-apply it to different parts of the model,” Rishab continues. “You can link up all the elements of AnyLogic. I knew there was a database, I knew there was a model, but I had no idea how to link them together. So learning to integrate all of these things is very helpful.”

AnyLogic breaks down even the most complex system to show you how it works and where it can be improved

Through modelling, Rishub helps UK healthcare organisations deliver a better service to their patients. His clients have big questions like, how well is my hospital running? How is my A&E department performing? Rishub uses the organisation’s data to understand how they operate and build a simulation model. Then he can work out how they can be more efficient and promote greater wellbeing.

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“Simulation is one of the only approaches, I think, that can be used at such a high level,” says Rishub. “You have this bird’s eye view of what’s going on, which is fascinating because it’s hard for us as people to get that perspective.”

Rishub goes on to describe the ‘balloon effect’ where one part of the balloon is squeezed to shift the pressure, but all that does is make one end of the balloon bigger. There is reduced pressure at one end of the balloon, but now it’s about to burst on the other side.

“That applies so much to any department,” says Rishub. “In your mind, if you’re on the ground and you change something, you think, ‘Oh, this is perfect,’ but it’s only with a full simulation model that you get to see the spillable effects of that decision.”

SimulAi can help you showcase to clients the incredible results that can be got from simulation modelling

Sharing results with clients is one of the hardest parts of simulation. To be able to explain all that has been achieved using a highly technical tool, to a non-technical audience. By working closely on more complex models, SimulAi can help communicate what is seen in the simulation, the AnyLogic software makes it easier still.

AnyLogic can provide the level of detail needed as a model builder, but the on-screen results are also presentable, says Rishub. “It’s nice-looking for clients,” he says, “so it’s a good tool to go between the technical analyst and the client who wants to see the outputs of the model. It’s one of the only programs we’ve seen that really bridges that gap well.”